How does it work?

We design it. Make it. We frame it.
Contact us either through email, phone or in-store for your bespoke quote where you can choose how you would like the items framed and the designs. You can either send in your items to the factory or bring them to your local branch to be hand driven to our factory. We then design the frame and send you a proof via email if you have requested one. This is your chance to make any changes. Once approved our team will hand craft the frame. You will be contacted once it is back in store to collect or your tracking number and estimated delivery if being couriered back to you.

How much does it cost?

The cost is bespoke to every item, however to help give you an idea:
Football shirts start from £250Rugby shirts start from £350Dual shirt frames start from £350Box frames start from £450Opening frames start from £450Domed boot frames start from £250Dual boot domed frames start from £350.

Contact us now to get your quote!

Do you also hang the frames?

No. But we do have a list of trusted handymen that can get the job done.

How long does it take?

Every item is different however we aim to have the item framed in 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year this time scale could vary. If you have any queries regarding lead times please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Can I send items to you?

Absolutely! They can be sent to our factory in Grimsby recommended through a signed-for courier. We can also courier the item back to you or hand deliver if you fall within our radius, contact us for more details. You can also bring the items in to our factory or our in-store branches.

What materials do you use?

We use Italian wood mouldings machine cut and hand crafted. We have hundreds of different styles, thicknesses and colours to choose from! You also have a choice of matte or suede mount boards cut with the top laser cutting technology for the perfect cuts. 
You will also have the choice of glass or perspex and if the items need extra protection, you can have 99% UV protection glass. If the item is being shipped we would recommend perspex, or we can use our trusted courier Fragilistics for UK deliveries. 
We use acid free tape to preserve the items and the framing with 2mm soft metal wire to hang lighter items or heavy duty D rings for heavier items. 

Will I get a proof of my item before it's framed?

Yes our design team will provide you with a design prototype before the framing process begins.

Which payment providers do you accept?

We accept all payment providers in store, any UK credit and debit cards over the phone, and invoicing over email.

What happens if my item gets lost or damaged?

17 years of trading we have never lost an item, however we do understand the unthinkable can happen! This is why we are fully insured whilst in our possession. We would also recommend you also insure the item incase any damages do occur. 

What items can you frame?

We can frame literally anything. Here are a few examples of crazy things we have framed:
- Football stadium seats 
- Violin
- Cricket bat
- A wedding dress
- A sprinkler
- Movie props

We can add any features including LED lights, opening frames videography and more!

Do you sell premade frames?

No we do not currently sell premade frames, we always recommend custom framing as this helps to preserve the item and makes it look amazing. In our view the frame is just as important as the item itself.